1. What does taking natural gas from the open market mean?
    Natural gas may be purchased on the natural gas open market according to the market supply and demand and the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract. Traders may be changed in the open market at any time, subject to the terms and conditions stipulated for changing traders. The contractual terms and conditions are subject to bargaining by and between the two parties (trader and Customer) in the course of reaching a common agreement.
  2. When is it possible to enter the open market?
    In conformity with Act XL of 2008 (on natural gas supply) entering the open market was compulsory for sites having a capacity booking exceeding 100 m3/h from 1 July 2009 and leaving the universal supply will be compulsory for every site having a capacity booking exceeding 20 m3/h from 1 July 2010.
  3. What financial conditions have to be fulfilled to enter the open market?
    The open market framework contract comprises the payment conditions and financial guarantees, however, leaving the service may only be realised if the Customer has no debt against the Universal Service Provider.
  4. Is it possible to conclude an open market contract for a period less than one year?
    Open market contracts may be concluded for a period less than one year, however, it is more practical to plan for a minimum period of one year, to adjust the contractual term to the gas year, for instance. This makes it also possible that the modifications of the transmission and distribution capacities may be adjusted to the contractual period, among other things.
  5. What is the fixed price?
    The fixed price is a constant price which is not modified during the contractual period. This is also possible in several types of currencies (e.g.: USD, EUR, HUF) according to your decision. This way, you will not have any risks, the natural gas related costs are easy to plan and risk management lies with the trader company (by means of stock exchange transactions). In general, the trader company devolves the changes in the system usage fees onto the customer in a transparent manner, this is calculated in conformity with the actually valid regulation and this is not fixed.
  6. What is the indexed price?
    This follows the movements of the values of certain predefined market parameter/s/ (such as international oil prices) of the natural gas price payable by the customer. The currently payable natural gas price is determined based on an indexed formula in function of the changes of the values of the parameter/s/. The changes of the market price of the index is revised at fixed intervals and the current price to be invoiced is also modified according to the change by means of the predefined index formula registered in the contract.
  7. What is the molecule price?
    The price of the natural gas molecule. It is the cost of energy itself.
  8. What is the system usage fee?
    This includes the costs in relation to the storage, transmission and distribution of the natural gas, as well as the operation of the system. This is determined even in the open market in the tariff decree by the competent authorities.
  9. Will the amount of the system usage fee change?
    The amount of the system usage fees valid at the time of concluding the contract may change during the contractual period in conformity with the terms and conditions defined in the actually valid tariff decrees issued by the Ministry of Transport, Telecommunication and Energy (KHEM), acting as the legal successor of the Ministry of Economy and Transport (GKM). Any increase/decrease in the fees will increase/decrease the system usage costs calculated at the time of concluding the contract.
  10. What is nomination?
    Nomination means the preliminary consumption demand declaration – the natural gas demand specified for the following period (a day, in general) – made by the customer. The preliminary weekly nomination broken down to days is a legal obligation for customers taking natural gas on the open market above 100 m3/h, so that natural gas service providers and system administrators may gain preliminary information. Moreover, customers are also obligated to make preliminary daily nominations, which means giving the exact volume intended to be taken on the following day. Daily nominations are also necessary if the nomination for the given day is modified in comparison to the previously sent weekly nomination.